Do you want to beat a speeding ticket

Do you want to beat a speeding ticket?

Whether you have gotten a speeding ticket or are concerned about getting a speeding ticket in the future you have come to the right place. There are several steps you need to follow if you want to get out of a speeding ticket.

First, when you are pulled over you must remember this key thing: You want to be forgotten! Why? Simply because if you want to beat a speeding ticket you must win in court. I know this goes against your instinct–you are ticked and rightfully so! Don’t the police have anything better to do? (the answer is OF COURSE!)Speeding ticket attorney Visit website

Now, there are several ways to win in court. The easiest way is for the police officer not to show up. If the police officer remembers you because you were a jerk, or you said something like, “I’ll see you in court,” then the police offer will be likely to make detailed notes, and then show up to court. If the police officer really doesn’t remember you, then he is likely to forget to show up to court, and is less likely to make detailed notes on what you did to get the speeding ticket.

The first rule is if you want to beat a speeding ticket is this:
When you are pulled over, be as boring as possible, be polite, but do not say anything that the officer will document. Do not say I will see you in court, and do not be rude, or a jerk! Try to keep your cool, no matter how unjust you feel the ticket is.

The police offer will likely write many tickets, and hopefully he doesn’t remember you and doesn’t take detailed notes. This will allow you, when you get to court, to hopefully question him so he does not have the information he needs. This is key as you learn how to fight a speeding ticket.

Think of it like this. If you say, “You’re a jerk, or I’ll see you in court!” Then the police officer will instantly go back his police car,and then make a note of what you said. He will be more likely to write down information because he knows you are going to court. He will probably be upset at you if you are rude to him, and then he will really want you to beat you in court because he is mad at you. The best defense to beat a speeding ticket is the sneak attack approach. He cannot defend what he does not know. If he doesn’t remember you, he doesn’t take good notes, then you stand a much higher chance of beating the speeding ticket.Traffic ticket lawyer

Step #2: If you want to beat a speeding ticket you must realize that it is important to document your information. After the police offer (or while the police officer) is writing you a ticket make a note of all the information. Write down the time of day, the weather, where you got pulled over, what type of car you were driving, where you were going, and more. This will help you remember the details, so you can present this information in court. This is EXACTLY what you don’t want the police officer to do in step #1.

Step #3: As soon as you get your ticket if you want to beat a speeding ticket you must stay calm and collected. The absolute worst thing you can do, other than being rude to the police officer, is to speed off and get another ticket. The police officer, in court, will simply tell the judge that you were such a bad driver that he had to write another ticket to you within seconds. Good luck beating your speeding ticket if that happens to you.

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Good luck.

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