Why you need to hire an attorney for a traffic ticket.

Why you need to hire an attorney for a traffic ticket.

Most people who represent themselves in traffic court fall flat on their faces and lose “big time.” Or, they waste hours of time for little benefit. (like the poor sap who traveled from Maine to Hoboken N.J. to fight a parking ticket.) I see it every day and it saddens me. No offense to anyone, but quite simply, the average person has no clue about how the system works. People accept plea bargains which carry points. People negotiate with the wrong people! Speeding ticket attorney san antonio

Or, if someone is foolish enough to have a trial, they try to beat the cops with “clever questioning.” Or, even more pathetic, people say, “there is no way that I was going 90…” Against the polished testimony of a cop, this kind of court room antics leads to a guaranteed conviction. Remember, the cops are almost always believed in court. Those cops are in that court every day and they are on a first name basis with the court staff. When the cop walks in and the clerk says, “Hey Bobby, where yah eating lunch today?” then it is time to pack up and go home.

While we are on the topic, save your $14.95 and don’t buy those tempting “Beat your Speeding ticket” pamphlets available on the web. If you do order the pamphlet, make sure to order some mustard too, because mustard goes well with bologna.

Hire me and get a lawyer who knows the system.

Myth: He pulled me over because I have an Out of State plate.
Fact: If anything, out of state drivers are less affected by speeding tickets than in-state drivers. He stopped you because your speed caught his eye!

Myth: If the trooper is not wearing his hat, he is out of uniform and the ticket is invalid.
Fact: No such rule or law exists. Try this argument for a good laugh.

Myth: If the officer makes a mistake on the ticket, it will be dismissed.
Fact: In general, only material mistakes such as the highway, driver’s name, court name, direction of travel, or major discrepancies as to the description of the vehicle may disqualify a
ticket. Minor mistakes will be overlooked. Click here to see how we took advantage of a mistake on a 11 point speeding ticket.

Myth: If I pay a partial fine or an amount more than the fine, my case will stay open and the points will not get reported to the DMV.
Fact: If you pay too little, the court will suspend your license. If you pay too much, the court may or may not return the balance, and the ticket will be reported to the DMV.

Myth: If the cop doesn’t show up, the ticket dismissed.
Fact: In some upstate New York courts this is true, however in many upstate New York courts and in New York City the officer would have to not show up 2 or more times before it will be dismissed. In New Jersey, it is EXTREMELY rare for the officer not to show up; even if he fails to appear, the matter will likely be rescheduled to allow him a second chance.

Myth: You start with points and you lose points if you are convicted of a violation.
Fact: You start with zero points and you have points added to your license if you are convicted of any violation which carries points.

Myth: Taking a defensive driver course will reduce or eliminate your Driver Responsibility Assessments in NY
Fact: Taking a Defensive Driver Course will reduce your point count in NY, but it has no affect on your DRA.

Myth: One can plea bargain in New York City 5 boros traffic courts.
Fact: Absolutely no plea bargaining is allowed in the Traffic Violations Bureau. This has been the rule since 1968! Click for more info about this dreaded court system.

Myth: If you push off the ticket 18 months, you won’t get points.
Fact: It is correct that 18 months after the violation date, the points are no longer counted towards your total. HOWEVER, for 4 years after the conviction date, the conviction appears on your record and the insurance company will see it.

In short, the insruance company has their own point system for surcharges.

Example #1 (18 months after the violation date, the points disappear): 1st 6 point ticket is received January 1, 2008, 2nd 6 point ticket is received July 2, 2009 that equals 12 points and suspension, right? WRONG, the 6 points for the first violation disappeared on July, 1, 2009

Example #2 (18 months after the violation date, the points disappear): 1st 6 point ticket is received January 1, 2008, conviction is entered January 2, 2011 2nd 6 point ticket is received January 1, 2009 conviction is entered January 2, 2012 that equals 12 points and suspension, right? CORRECT, the motorist would have 12 points, even if the convictions happened long after each other, the DMV goes back to WHEN YOU RECEIVED THE TICKET.

Example #3 (4 years after the conviction date, the conviction disappears): 1st 6 point ticket is received January 1, 2008, and conviction is entered on Janauary 2, 2010 2nd 6 point ticket is received June 2, 2009 and conviction is entered on June 2, 2011 as of June 2, 2011, how many speeding tickets appear on the record that the Insurance company sees? the answer is: Both appear. License is suspended if 11 points are added to record for violations occurring within an 18 months period. Determination is made based on VIOLATION date, not conviction date.
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Personal Injury Accident Attorneys – We got you covered

Personal Injury Accident Attorneys – We got you covered

At our Law Firm, we are extremely proud of our Texas Personal Injury Division. This division is made up of experienced lawyers in the field of personal injury law. Our attorneys are supported by a team of case managers, litigation paralegals, legal assistants and investigators. The division head is Eliza. Associates, an experienced trial attorney, who oversees all cases within this division. personal injury attorneys san antonio

We believe that insurance companies know which law firms try cases and which ones just want to settle at all cost. If you are not represented by a law firm who has a reputation for trying cases, your claim will not receive full value. For that reason, our personal injury division has an aggressive and experienced trial team that will take your case all the way.

We handle each case as if it were going to trial. We do a thorough investigation and we make sure we have all the evidence and work done at the beginning. Because of this, the insurance companies know that we have our facts together and are prepared to go to trial if needed.

Our personal injury practice areas include the following:

Accidents involving automobiles, trucks, motorcycles, trains, and pedestrians
Slip and Fall cases
Products Liability
Nursing Home Negligence
Medical Malpractice
Catastrophic Injuries
Security Assaults
Fire Cases due to negligence

Most people who are injured due to the fault of another come from accidents involving cars, trucks, motorcycles, and bikes. However, this can also include injuries arising from falling on someone’s property, animal attacks, slip and fall claims, and generally any other physical injury claim where the injury was due to someone else’s fault. Our firm has a solid reputation for pursuing these claims for the victim. We do not judge our client by the extent of the damage or the injury but rather look to see if the the claim is a fair one. We then attempt to recover for our clients a fair sum for the injuries.
accident injury lawyers
Call our Attorneys today. We look forward to discussing your claim or you can contact us by clicking the link to our website

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