South Texas Catastrophic Personal Injury Attorney

South Texas Catastrophic Personal Injury Attorney

South Texas Personal Injury AttorneyA South Texas Catastrophic Personal Injury Attorney represents ordinary people who have sustained very serious personal injuries as a result of another’s negligent or intentional conduct. If you have sustained significant physical injuries as a result of another’s negligence or their intentional conduct (sexual assault, assault & battery, etc.), a South Texas Catastrophic Personal Injury Attorney will fight to obtain significant financial compensation for the injuries and damages sustained as a result of the accident.Accident Lawyers

If you or someone you know has been injured in some type of accident that was caused by someone else’s negligence or intentional conduct, you have legal standing to obtain financial compensation from the party that caused the accident with the help of a South Texas Personal Injury Attorney.

Who Is Legally Responsible for My Catastrophic Injuries?

Depending on the specific facts of the underlying accident, other partiescatastrophic personal injury attorney involved in the underlying accident may also share some of the blame (liability) for your injuries and therefore must pay part of your financial compensation. For example, if you were the victim of a bad car accident by someone who was driving a company car with faulty tires at the time, in addition to the actual driver of the car, a Personal Injury Attorney would also hold the driver’s employer (owner of the car) partially liable for your injuries and may also potentially name the manufacture of the faulty tires, and the mechanics who installed the tires in a faulty way, or even the designers of the tires. As you can imagine, many parties may be at least partially responsible for your injuries.

The South Texas Accident Lawyers At the Law Offices of Andrew Stewart will investigate all possible avenues for recovery so that each and every party who may have been liable in any way for our client’s injuries pay their fair share for our client’s injuries.

What Does Financial Compensation Mean and How Much Do I Get?

catastrophic personal injury attorneyMany of our clients are often initially very confused about what type of damages (monetary compensation) they can collect after they have been injured in an accident caused by another’s negligence. At our Law Office, the main goal of our Personal Injury Attorneys is obtaining our clients and their families the highest possible amount of financial compensation for their injuries – pursuing any and all possible possible theories of liability that may have partially caused the damages available to our clients by law.

What Type of Damages Are Recovered After an Accident?

The damages the Catastrophic Personal Injury Attorneys at The Law Offices of Andrew Stewart seek often include: any and all medical bills, future medical bills, lost earnings for time missed from work recovering, vocational (job) retraining if needed, all prescription medication costs, property damage done to our client’s car, motorcycle, boat or whatever they were (if the accident was a motor vehicle collision), future lost earnings, pain and suffering, funeral bills, etc.personal injury accident lawyer - wrongful death

Our Lawyers are dedicated to our client’s legal rights with the goal recoveringcatastrophic personal injury attorney the largest amount of financial compensation they may be entitled to by law. Money may not cause you injury to go away, but when facing a future life filled with significant pain, lifelong medical costs, physical and emotional damages, loss of wages and lifestyle can be at least partially relieved by adequate financial compensation. You may never have the life you had before the accident, but getting as close to normal and not having to worry about one’s financial future can make a big difference.

Deadly Injuries are Lurking Around Every Corner in Today’s Dangerous World

Unfortunately, we live in an era where the potential to be the victim of a serious, often life-threatening accident is statistically high. There are so many various types of serious accidents can cause injuries and our Law Office represents people who have been injured by:

Car accidents, motorcycle accidents, plane accident, drunk driving accidents, trucking accidents and all motor vehicle accidents
Boating and sporting accidents,
Slip & fall accidents,
Construction accidents,
Workplace accidents,
Fire, explosion and burn accidents
Toxic chemical exposure and spills
Radiation exposure and burn injuries

And all other types of accidents that cause catastrophic injuries.

If you or a loved one has been seriously injured because of negligence or an intentional act of another, it will be a confusing and frightening time, compounded by the pain and frustration of the injury itself. On top of all of that, you will be facing a huge financial toll and all of the associated problems that can take with you and your family. Immediately contacting an experienced and aggressive South Texas Personal Injury Attorney from our office to discuss your case and your legal options is very important. We offer honest and experienced legal guidance and our Personal Injury Attorneys will fight to assert your legal rights and obtain the maximum compensation for your injuries. As previously described, our Law Office will conduct an independent investigation to ensure that all potential defendants and avenues for financial recovery are discovered and brought into the litigation to ensure the largest settlements possible.South Texas Personal Injury Attorney

Contact a South Texas Personal Injury Lawyer at our Law Office for a free legal consultation after being involved in an accident in which you suffered Catastrophic Personal Injuries.

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Handling South Texas Wrongful Death Claims and Lawsuits

Handling South Texas Wrongful Death Claims and Lawsuits

Wrongful Death Lawyer
The unexpected loss of a loved one is a heart-rending experience. Families not only are destabilized but thrust into chaos. This often creates financial hardship. Helping to put lives back together after a tragic event is a difficult but necessary process.personal injury lawyers - car accident attorneys

For those who have lost a family member through the fault of another party, the claim or lawsuit should be thoroughly presented. It will never be overlooked that, whatever compensation may be received, the pain of the loss will always be a part of those left behind.

The first step is to ease the financial burden caused by the sudden loss, if the deceased was the mayor financial contributor to the family.

South Texas Wrongful Death Lawsuits

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has stated that, in the past 15 years, tens of thousends Americans have lost their lives.
Serving the southwestern South Texas area for many years, our Attorneys know that the unexpected loss of a loved one is life’s most acute pain. When it is the result of the negligent or wrongful acts of another, the trauma is emotionally devastating.

Losing a parent, child or sibling destabilizes a family and often creates immediate financial hardship at a time when people are struggling with the changed reality around them. Putting lives back together after a tragic event is a delicate task.

What is a Wrongful Death Claim?

Wrongful death claims are those which involve a cause of action brought by certain family members of a decedent. The death must have been precipitated by the wrongful conduct of another. A wrongful act is one caused by conduct that was negligent, reckless or even intentional. It is irrelevant what the intention of the wrongdoer was at the time of the harmful event.

In South Texas, the surviving spouse shares in any recovery with the surviving children and others. The court will consider the full value of the life of the decedent, as well as their lifetime income and the value of their enjoyment of living. Beyond this, counsel for the administrator or executor of the decedent’s estate may also argue for the medical bills, as well as possible physical pain and mental suffering incurred before death.personal injury accident lawyer - wrongful death

The majority of all cases, including wrongful death cases, are settled prior to trial. Some will be settled before a lawsuit is even filed. Others will proceed through the entire litigation process, and settle just before the jury enters the courtroom.

These claims are always ultimately processed through Probate Court and are signed off by the judge or a magistrate.

Establishing a Wrongful Death Case

In order to prove a wrongful death lawsuit in South Texas, a few elements must be shown.

The death must have been the result of someone’s negligence.
A duty of reasonable care was violated.
The dependents left behind are suffering as a result of their loss.
Entitlements in a Wrongful Death lawsuit

The damages to be asked for in a wrongful death claim include those losses that the decedent and their family have suffered.

Loss of current earnings from the deceased family member
Loss of future earnings
Loss of prospective inheritance
Loss of consortium by the surviving spouse and children
Loss of household services
Physical pain and psychological suffering
Medical expenses
Death and funeral expenses

Preparing for the Wrongful Death Claim

Many wrongful death claims involve multiple statutes of limitation. These can make representation of these claims treacherous. An South Texas statute of limitations requires that a claim be filed, as a lawsuit action, within a designated timeframe. If this does not occur then all rights will be forever lost.

There even can be a separate statute of limitations for the conscious pain and suffering experienced by the decedent before they died. Observing time limits can be a real hardship, when the surviving family members experience clinical depression. Just processing through the grieving process is consuming for them. Having to protect their legal rights adds to their extreme stress and complication.

South Texas law requires that an executor or administrator bring the wrongful death claim, as representative of the family and heirs. Legal counsel will first have to open an estate in Probate Court. This will take place in the county in which the decedent resided. The Probate Court judge or magistrate will have full power to accept or reject the terms of any settlement offered by the insurance company of the person who caused the death.

The Probate Court will also dictate how the proceeds will be distributed among the next of kin and the heirs. This may well include those persons who did not have a particularly close relationship with the decedent. Usually family conflicts can be avoided if the administrator or executor is carefully guided by legal counsel. If all heirs and next of kin are included in the entire process, there is rarely a problem. Resentment and power dynamics can be avoided with kindness and sensitivity shown toward all prospective recipients of funds. More information here @

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