Follow the proven, step-by-step method in Case Dismissed

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Follow the proven, step-by-step method in Case Dismissed

Case Dismissed shows you what to say and tells you when to say it. For years, this proven resource has been quietly helping people like you beat their speeding tickets every day.

Developed through years of case law research and customer feedback, edited by an attorney, the Case Dismissed strategy relies on legal precedent, statutes and case law.please visit this website

In fact, while some lawyers embrace the strategy, others hate it because it costs them business.

Case Dismissed Works Because it is Based on the Law

There are laws that dictate how evidence is presented. There are laws that dictate how tickets are issued. There are laws regarding the calibration of speed detection devices.

Case Dismissed uses these laws and turns them against the court in an ambush strategy.

Note that Case Dismissed provides legal information, but NOT legal advice, which can only be provided by an attorney.

It’s Easy to Use

You don’t need legal training. Nothing to memorize. No need for witnesses, pictures, tape recordings, or other gimmicks. Fact is, none of those work reliably.

But you do need to know exactly what to say, and, just as important, exactly what not to say and do. You need a step by step plan.

“…the best money I’ve ever spent.”

Hi Jeff, if you need a testimonial I’m your man.

I went to court today and questioned the officers calibration procedures with the tuning forks and she (the officer) was dazed and confused. I live in a very small backwards town (see kangaroo court) and the judges usually side with the officers no matter what the facts are. Mississippi has a long way to go with regards to judicial prudence.

The judge said if I could find a technical manual or case law that proves the forks have to be calibrated he will dismiss the case.

I submitted your case and a couple of other and the case was dismissed. I’m sure this is a once in a lifetime occurrence but it worked and I didn’t pay the ticket and my insurance is none the wiser.

Thanks for the help, once again it was the best money I’ve ever spent.

Capt. Michael Cambre
Merchant Marine Officer, (Ret)
Braxton, MS

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